Pasco County
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Code Enforcement Report Theft Form

  1. Customer Name, Contractor Name, Builder Name, Etc.

  2. Action Taken*
  3. Should provide a good idea of location for a revisit if needed. 

  4. Should detail the actual violation taking place.

  5. Should detail a more expansive view of the violation and surrounding area/structure. 

  6. Sample of Location Image Needed *
    Picture of a Builders Sign
  7. Sample of Violation Photo Needed
    Straight Pipe To Whip
  8. Sample of Area/Landmark Photo
    Illegal Connection Hose Running to Concrete Mixer
  9. * Location Image Details:

    Image details the following text: 1  Builders First Source, D.R. Horton America's Builder, D.R. Horton - Express - Emerald - Freedom, The Nation's #1 Home Builder, Think Safety! Subdiv.: Silverado, Model: Destin "D" Elev., "L" Garage, Permit #: 001887-2021, Lot: 12, Unit: 15, Address: Steer Blade Dr., Warning. This area is a designated construction site. Trespassers will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Hard Hat Area, Logo with "CBC039052"

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