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Staff Development Day(s) Questionnaire

  1. STAFF DEVELOPMENT DAY -Questionnaire
  2. Objectives
    To give Departments/Divisions the opportunity to keep lines of communication open with their staff and conduct internal staff training through designated Staff Development Days.
  3. Overview
    County departments and/or divisions will be given the opportunity to temporarily “shut down” their normal work functions to conduct internal staff training. The County has designated the following two days as Staff Development Days: President’s Day (February 17, 2020) Columbus Day (October 12, 2020) These days will be set aside annually for staff development. Departments/Divisions may choose to shut down their entire operations, or split the training among both days and use a “skeleton crew” to keep normal operations functioning. Regardless, Departments/Divisions should give careful consideration to their basic operating functions, impact on citizens, size of staff, etc. when determining the type of Staff Development Day they will be planning.
  4. Questionnaire
    Departments/Divisions submit this questionnaire through their chain-of command (i.e. Department Head to ACA). ACAs must then submit the questionnaire to County Administration for final approval. It shall be incumbent on each department/division to determine the proper scheduling of their staff to facilitate attendance. It shall also be the responsibility of the department/division to consider any employee pay adjustments that may result from altering schedules (i.e. overtime). Please remember “time-shifting” within the same week can be used to help facilitate the scheduling of employees.
  5. If you are planning to participate in the upcoming Staff Development Day, please answer the following questions.
  6. 1. Will there be a complete shutdown of your offices and operations, or a partial shutdown?
  7. 3. Will your Staff Development Day(s) request result in the payment of overtime?
  8. Note
    If you will you be requesting the use of County employees or resources outside of your department/division to assist with your Staff Development Day(s), it is the requesting department/divisions’ responsibility to make arrangements for such resources.
  9. IMPORTANT !!!!!!!!!!
    You MUST check the box below requesting a copy of this questionnaire be delivered to YOUR county email address. It will quickly appear in your inbox. Forward that email to your DEPARTMENT HEAD to review. They will forward the questionnaire to the BRANCH ACA. Thank you!
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