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Quiz - Performance Evaluations Online Quiz

  1. Pasco U
  2. Instructions
    After viewing the Performance Evaluations Online video, answer each question below and then choose "Submit" to submit your quiz for scoring. You will not get credit for an answer if you choose more than one answer per question.
  3. 1. The goals you set with your employees should be...*
    Check ONE answer, A,B,C or D.
  4. 2. What is one of the tools, found on the Team Pasco website, that can help you with goal-setting?*
    Check ONE answer, A,B,C or D.
  5. 3. Communicating with an employee should occur...*
    Check ONE answer, A,B,C or D.
  6. 4. One of the pitfalls to avoid, the Halo/Horns Effect, refers to?*
    Check ONE answer, A,B,C or D.
  7. 5. When conducting an employoee's Performance Evaluation Meeting, you should...?*
    Check ONE answer, A,B,C or D.
  8. Acknowledgement:
    By "submitting" this quiz the employee acknowledges that they have reviewed the training material and understand the subject matter.
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