Pasco County
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Pasco U ADA Test

  1. Pasco U ADA Document Compliance Test
  2. Exam Document 1
  3. Exam Document 2
  4. Acknowledgement
    I acknowledge that I viewed the mandatory training videos on this website, read the mandatory training documents/web pages, and agree to produce ADA compliant documents for the website, agenda, email and/or Social Media to the best of my ability.
  5. Yes or No
  6. Results
    You will receive test result in 7-10 days. Every effort is made to review submissions in a timely manner.
  7. If this is not your first submission, please make that notation here. You must pass BOTH the Word and PDF portion of this test to receive passing credit. Example: If you previously passed Word but not PDF, resubmit BOTH documents.
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