Pasco County
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Evaluation: Stress Management

  1. Stress Management Evaluation
  2. Please rate your experience on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 = Lowest Rating and 5 = The Highest Rating.
  3. Satisfaction
    How satisfied are you with the information presented? 1 = Not Satisfied, 5 = Very Satisfied
  4. Knowledge
    How much did you learn from this class? 1 = Did Not Learn, 5=Learned a Lot
  5. Behavior
    How much of this information do you plan to use in your workplace? 1 = Will Not Use, 5 = Will Use a Lot.
  6. Presenter
    The presenter was knowledgeable on the topic. 1 = Not Knowledgeable, 5 = Exceeded Expectations.
  7. Worthwhile
    Today's time commitment was worthwhile. 1 = Not Worthwhile, 5 = Exceeds Expectations.
  8. What were the most beneficial parts of this class?
  9. What changes would you suggest to improve this class?
  10. Any additional comments?
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