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Evaluation - Excel IV

  1. Excel IV Program Evaluation
  2. Trainer*
  3. Thank you for attending Excel IV training
    Today's Excel IV class builds on Excel I, II and III training and requires further study and practice. Please feel free to retake the class and/or contact the Training & Development team if you need further assistance.
  4. Please rate your experience on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 = Lowest Rating and 5 = The Highest Rating.
  5. Satisfaction
    How satisfied are you with the information presented? 1 = Not Satisfied, 5 = Very Satisfied
  6. Knowledge
    How much did you learn from this class? 1 = Did Not Learn, 5=Learned a Lot
  7. Behavior
    How much of this information do you plan to use in your workplace? 1 = Will Not Use, 5 = Will Use a Lot.
  8. Presenter
    The presenter was knowledgeable on the topic. 1 = Not knowledgeable, 5 = Exceeded Expectations.
  9. Worthwhile
    Today's time commitment was worthwhile. 1 = Not Worthwhile, 5 = Exceeds Expectations.
  10. What were the most beneficial parts of this class?
  11. What changes would you suggest to improve this class?
  12. Any additional comments?
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