Pasco County
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VIP Quarterly Report Form


  1. 1. Instructions
  2. 2. New VIP (volunteer & unpaid intern) and Total Hours Quarterly Report
  • Instructions

    1. Workers Comp Class Code

      Complete a separate report for each Workers Comp Class Code group. Direct questions about WCCC to Risk Management at

    2. VIP Questions

      Questions about this form or the VIP Program? Contact Human Resources at

    3. Instructions for questions 1-4.

      1.Number of new volunteers/interns (for this WCCC) that started during the quarter. 2. Number of hours donated by all volunteers/interns (under this WCCC) during the quarter (including existing). 3. Number of volunteer/interns currently on record (under this WCCC) in the department. 4. A. current volunteer roster must be maintained on the branch/department/division level. It does not need to be submitted with this report but must be available upon request by Human Resources .