How do I dispose of my old records?

Complete the “Record Disposition Form” and Email this to Courtney McDarby, Enterprise Document Manager: or call 727-847-2411 x 7474.  If you have questions about whether or not your boxes are ready to be destroyed, contact Courtney to schedule an assessment.

Record Disposition Form

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1. What is a Public Record?
2. What is Pasco's Policy on PRRs?
3. Does a PRR have to be made in writing?
4. How much time does a PRR take?
5. How long do I have to keep my records?
6. How do I dispose of my old records?
7. What if a record has personal information?
8. What laws govern Public Records?
9. Does a PRR cost money?
10. What is a Record Management Liaison Officer (RMLO)?