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Posted on: August 10, 2018

Training Classes Required for All Employees ?

Did you know that there are classes ALL employees must complete and renew on a regular basis throughout their career?

You already know that there are three "Curriculum Tracks" for Pasco County employees:  the New Employee, Supervisor and Leader Track. Each track is a little different from the other but what they have in common is the  core training must be renewed at regular intervals.  As a reminder (but subject to change) here is a list of classes, how they can be completed and the time interval for each:

Customer Service Every 3 years (completed at the department level)

Defensive DrivingEvery 3 years (online or department level)

EthicsEvery 5 years (online or department level)

IS- 100 – Intro to Incident Command Complete one time only, no renewal (online) 

IS - 700 – National Incident Management SystemComplete one time only, no renewal (online)

IT Security Awareness and PII Every 12 months (online) 

Workplace Diversity Every 2 years (online or department level) 

Check with your department to see if trainings are presented to the group or if you are required to complete them online, as the department has two options: 

1.  The employee individually views a training video and takes a short, online quiz that is electronically transmitted to Training & Development. 

2. The department shows a video to a group of staff, has employees sign a roster (and the supervisor signs off), and the supervisor submits the roster to Training & Development. 

The employee is then granted credit in the Tyler/Munis system and will seethe confirmation in Employee Self Service (ESS.)



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