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'The Duck'

May 08

I met a brave duck the other day... by Don Rosenthal

Posted to Dan Biles Blog on May 8, 2018 at 10:12 AM by Amy Elmore

Several weeks ago, I did a “Ride-Along” to various sites with one of our Building Inspectors, and we chronicled the event on Twitter in real time! #DonsRideAlong

During our very first stop, which was a footing inspection for a new Fire Station, we noticed a duck sitting on her eggs adjacent to the foundation of the new Fire Station.

Her being there struck me as extraordinary for several reasons;

1. It was an active construction site and although the duck was very well camouflaged, she was readily visible to all on site.

2. She was very much aware that everyone could see her and yet she refused to move off her nest!

Under normal circumstances, she would quickly leave the area as soon as she was spotted. Her refusal to leave, reminded me of the dedication that most animals and people have for their offspring and their willingness to sacrifice on behalf of those offspring.

It reminded me of what is really important in the grand scheme of things.

Ducks hatched

The duck’s eggs have now hatched, and all the animals have been safely moved off-site. Thanks to Trias Construction for providing pictures of the duck and her ducklings.