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Aug 30

Leaders/Managers are crucial to success of our team

Posted on August 30, 2017 at 3:58 PM by Louise Morgan

It has now been three months since we began this new journey together. I have had the chance to talk and visit quite a few of our operational areas but still have plenty more to see. As I continue to mention, I believe we have an excellent team in place although as with any team we can continue to improve.

One of the first improvement areas that I want to focus on over the next several months is highlighted by the first couple of books that the leadership team will be going through beginning with Bob Chapman's Everybody Matters and followed up by Cheryl Bachelder's Dare to Serve.

Every day the work we do throughout the enterprise impacts the lives of people, our neighbors, in the community around us. So the "why" in what each and every one of us do can be seen every night when we drive home.

Our initial challenge then is to evolve our leadership practices that reflect our values and that ensure that each and every one of our employees goes home feeling valued and that they made a difference in the accomplishment of each team's mission.

I'm saying all that to lead into this, people leave managers, not companies:
...managers are to blame for the low engagements. The manager accounts for at least 70% of the variance in employee engagement and 1/2 of Americans have left a job to "get away from their manager at some point in their career."
Here is an excellent discussion about this problem: People leave Managers, not Companies.

The number one thing that drives engagement that leaders/managers need to be doing every day is communication, communication and more communication. Are you having one on ones with every direct report at least every 1-2 weeks?

Second, are you developing your team? The training and development of our team is an essential part of a leader/managers job.

This is a development and improvement journey and we will not get there overnight, but we will get better each and every day as we move forward through this. The goal is to be a County that is not only the Premier County in the State from an operational standpoint but is also the best County in the State to work for.