Current Planning and Zoning

Acosta, ChristinaPlanner IEmail Christina Acosta727-847-8142 x 7580
Barbara, LeilaPlanning & Zoning Tech IEmail Leila Barbara727-847-8142 x 8643
Barbee, JaricePlanner IIEmail Jarice Barbee727-847-8142 x8866
Burgess, StacyTransportation Planner IIEmail Stacy Burgess727-847-8142 x 2354
Costa, MairTechnical Specialist IIEmail Mair Costa727-847-8142 x1941
Crary, MichelePlanning Assistant IEmail Michele Crary727-847-2411 x 8629
Dattoli, Ruth AnnPlanning Assistant IIEmail Ruth Ann Dattoli727-847-8142 x8559
Devine, LiamPlanning and Zoning Tech IIEmail Liam Devine727-847-8142 x7260
Drozdeck, MatthewPlanning & Zoning Tech IEmail Matthew Drozdeck727-847-8142 x7684
Dutter, PatrickPlanner IIEmail Patrick Dutter727-847-2411 x8868
Fothergill, SuePlanning Assistant IEmail Sue Fothergill727-847-2411 x8383
Haddox, WhitneyEngineer IIEmail Whitney Haddox727-847-8142 x7642
Hatzileris, ParasPlanning & Zoning Tech IIEmail Paras Hatzileris(727) 847-8142, ext. 8289
Huber, DonnaPlanning & Zoning Tech IEmail Donna Huber727-847-8142 x8884
Humberstone, FrederickPlanning and Zoning Tech IIemail Fred Humberstone727-847-8142 x7970
Jadick, KevinPlanning & Zoning Tech IIEmail Kevin Jadick727-847-2411 x 2591
Khalil, AhsanSenior Transportation PlannerEmail Ahsan Khalil727-847-2411 x2536
Kowal, JessicaPlanner IIEmail Jessica Kowal727-847-8142 x7281
Manion, SusanPlanning & Zoning Tech IIEmail Susan Manion727-847-2411 x 7483
McCarron, KatiePlanning & Zoning Tech IIEmail Katie McCarron727-847-2411 x8805
Menzel, DarrianPlanning & Zoning Tech IEmail Darrian Menzel727-847-2411 x 2380
Miller, JaniceAdministrative SecretaryEmail Janice Miller727-847-8142 x7893
Moody, LucasTechnical Specialist IIEmail Lucas Moody727-847-2411 x 7255
Naeini, NimaTransportation Planner IIEmail Nima Naeini727-847-8142 x2385
Ormes, LucindaPlanning & Zoning Tech IEmail Lucinda Ormes727-847-8142 x8142
Plain, Lea AnnPlanning & Zoning Tech IIEmail Lea Ann Plain727-847-2411 x 7643
Poon, WillSenior EngineerEmail Will Poon727-847-2411 x7584
Roy, DoreenPlanning & Zoning Tech IIEmail Doreen Roy727-847-8142 x 2351
Shaw, PamelaPlanner IIEmail Pamela Shaw727-847-2411 x8802
Snyder, TammySenior PlannerEmail Tammy Snyder727-847-2411 x7899
Sutton, DawnPlanner IEmail Dawn Sutton727-847-2411 x2531
Thomas, MaryEngineer IIEmail Mary Thomas727-847-2411 x8876
Tippin, BradDevelopment Review ManagerEmail Brad Tippin727-847-2411 x7638
Vray, MarinePlanning & Zoning Tech IIEmail Martine Vray727-847-8142 x 7552
Wennlund, KaraPlanning Assistant IEmail Kara Wennlund(727) 847-8142 x 8249
Wright, ChrisEngineer IIEmail Chris Wright727-847-2411 x8307