Current Planning

Current Planning is responsible for overseeing all site development within the County.

Need assistance? 


Lucinda Ormes (x8142)

Gina Monti (x7893)

Already know who you need to speak with?


William Poon, P.E. (x7584)
Mary Thomas, P.E., C.F.M. (x8876)
Clayton Watkins, P.E. (x7642)
Ahsan Khalil, M.B.A. (x2536)
John Villeneuve (x8647)
Joaquin Servia (7457)
David Stallworth (x7483)
Dawn Sutton (x2531)
Brad Tippin (x7638)
Pam Shaw (x8802)
Tammy Snyder (x7899)
Ray Phillips, PSM (7580)
Cindy Zatorski (x7478)
Jessica Kowal (x7281)
Patrick Dutter (x8868)
Sue Fothergill (x8383)
Katie McCarron (x8805)
Chris Wright (x8307)
Robert Krahn Jr. (x7643)
Ruthann Dattoli (x8559)
Mike Juhasz (x8866)
Michele Crary (x8629)
Donna Huber (x8884)
Darrian Menzel (x2380)
Jeff Jenkins (7889)
Corelynn Howell (8306)