Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)

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Staff Project / Resource Expertise

Email Manny Lajmiri, Acting Manager, Transportation Planning/MPO (x8804)

  • General Administration and MPO program Development
  • Overall management of MPO Work Program activities (TIP, Priority List, UPWP, LRTP, Mobility Fee, ETC.)
  • Regional and State planning coordination
  • Public Transportation Planning
  • Special Studies
  • Coordination with City/County
  • Annual Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)
  • Annual List of Priority Projects for State/Federal Funding
  • FDOT Project Grant Programs (County Incentive Grant Program (CIGP), Transportation Regional Incentive Program (TRIP))
  • MPO Public Participation Plan (PPP) and Performance Monitoring
  • Title VI officer (Discrimination inquiries, Limited English Proficiency (LEP), ETC.)
  • Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) Maintenance, County Capital Improvement Program (CIP)
  • Transportation Disadvantaged Planning

Email Ali Atefi, P.E., Engineer III (x8341)

  • Multi-Modal Long Range Transportation Plan including ITS and Population/Employment Forecast
  • Congestion Management Process (CMP) including vehicular LOS analysis
  • Special Corridor Studies (i.e. Vision S.R.54/56)
  • Transportation Demand Forecasting Model (Traffic Projections)
  • ROW Preservation and Vision Network
  • Timing and Phasing (Traffic Impact) Studies
  • Future Land Use Plan amendment traffic studies (Transportation needs assessments)
  • Access Management Studies
  • Substandard Road studies
  • Functional Class (roadway) Determinations
  • Mobility fee calculations and Mobility fee independent studies
  • PD&E and Route Studies
  • Freight Planning and coordination with FDOT
  • MPO list of priority projects and TIP

Email Vacant, Active Transportation/Planner II (x2385)

  • Transportation Alternatives Program (TA) for multimodal facilities, including pedestrian and bicyclist mobility and safety, and greenways and trails
  • Review of Concept/Preliminary Site Plan/Construction Documents for compliance with Land Development Code requirements for internal and external pedestrian and bicycle accommodations and consistency with transportation plans
  • Assist Pasco County Public Transportation with planning and design services for Intermodal Transit Center
  • Manage Trail/Path Route Studies (i.e. Tri-County/Anclote Coastal, etc.)
  • Liaison with Office of Economic Development for bicycle tourism and walkable communities
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety committees (Coordinator of Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC), CTST, STST, FDOT, Pasco County School Board)

Email Mabel Risner, Senior Development Review Tech (x8289)

  • Grant invoicing (PL 112, FTA 5305, TRIP/CIGP/Other related grants and agreements)
  • Support in preparation of Federal, State, and Local documents
  • MPO Budget Preparation
  • MPO Agenda coordination for MPO Board, BPAC, CAC and TAC
  • Public Involvement
  • Staff Support for MPO Planning Program

Email Cathy Veon, Administrative Secretary (x8287)

  • Document Processing
  • Meeting Schedules/Minutes
  • Quarterly Newsletter
  • MPO Web Site Maintenance and Updates
  • Staff Support for MPO Planning Program