CivicPlus Standards

Rev 2/2019

Best Practices (PDF)

CivicPlus Help Center - v5 and product specific.

Edit a page - first SAVE AS COPY - this will create a duplicate version of the page you are on as a draft.

The VERSIONS tab shows all versions. The version that does not say DRAFT is the LIVE page.

Work on your own draft, and then PUBLISH when ready.

Do not UNPUBLISH ALL VERSIONS. It will delete both drafts AND the published page.

Pictures should be 300 dpi and no larger than 600.

Always save after you add a widget to your page.

File size limit is 20 MB for single document/image upload.

Word documents and Excel spreadsheets should be converted to PDF using Adobe Pro before uploading to the document center and first  tested for accessibility.  A tested accessible document can also be converted to a PDF when uploading to the document center by checking the PDF box.  Do not "Save" a document as a PDF in Word or Excel.  For more information, read about accessibility on the Accessibility Training page.