First Week On-Boarding Modules

Created by our 2021 Leadership Development Program class, these modules will give you a comprehensive agenda that you can follow to ensure your new team member is given the necessary knowledge and resources to be successful.

Both the Supervisor and the Peer Mentor should work together to help facilitate this first week.  You'll see we offer two for new team members that will be working in more of an "office" setting and one for new team members who will be working more in the "field".

  1. First Week On-Boarding Module (Office)
  2. First Week On-Boarding Module (Field)

Day 1:  HR Orientation

  • New team member spends the entire day with HR department

Day 2:  Workplace Introduction

  • Supervisor meet and greet
  • Tour of work area
  • Department Mission, Vision, Values
  • Equipment assignments
  • Equipment set-up (i.e. email, phone client, etc.)
  • Department Organizational Chart overview
  • Introduction to Peer Mentor
  • Senior Management meet and greet

Day 3:  Peer Mentoring

  • Mentor "coffee talk"
  • Review pertinent information on County's website (
  • Review pertinent information on County's intranet site (Team Pasco)
  • Required trainings (and other training opportunities) through Pasco U
  • Building tour
  • Safety briefing
  • Meet and greet with area supervisors
  • Job responsibilities
  • County Organizational Chart overview

Day 4:  Position Specific 

  • Location of office supplies
  • Copier use
  • Job specific breakdown
  • Set expectations for 3, 6 and 12 months
  • Introduction to team members that will impact (or will be impacted by) their work.  Discuss how the work flows through the department (and affects other departments, where applicable)
  • Refer to department points-of-contacts for future questions
  • Review job-specific customer training standards.  Also, familiarize them with our Customer Service Department (727-847-2411) for citizen inquiries that they may not know the answer to.

Day 5:  Follow-Up

  • Mentor "coffee talk" (ask for feedback and clarification on what has been covered thus far)
  • Check team member's comfort level (and revisit any topic that they may have questions about)