On-Boarding Peer Mentor Roles and Responsibilities

The On-boarding Peer Mentor will be a qualified member of the same functional team as the new hire.  Their main objectives are to:

  • Introduce new team members to the organization and culture of the work unit and to our organization
  • Provide information the new team member will need to perform successfully

The Peer Mentor should:

  • Be with our organization for at least 6 months
  • Have good performance evaluations
  • Be positive and enthusiastic
  • Excel at communicating with others
  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Be willing to commit the necessary time to help on-board a new team member
  • Successfully complete the Peer Mentor online training

Mentor's Roles and Responsibilities:

While the Peer Mentor should make contact with the new team member on their first day, the roles and responsibilities listed below should extend over the first 6 months of the new team member's employment.

  • Make contact with the new team member on their first day of work
  • Help new team member get familiar with their individual workspace, overall building layout, or other work locations, as applicable
  • Introduce new team member to colleagues
  • Introduce new team member to applicable software (e.g. Outlook email, ESS, Team Pasco website, department-specific software, etc.)
  • Use the "New Hire On-Boarding Checklist" as a guide to help acclimate the new team member (this should be done in conjunction with supervisor/manager)
  • Introduce new team member to our Mission, Vision, Values, and the County's Strategic Plan.  Discuss how the work they will be doing supports these items (this should be done in conjunction with supervisor/manager) 
  • Over the new team member's first 6 months the Peer Mentor should assist with answering questions, introducing resources, and reinforcing our organization's culture
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