New Team Member On-Boarding

We've created an On-Boarding system that departments and divisions can follow to ensure that our new team members not only feel welcomed, but are given the needed information, knowledge, and resources to become successful and productive.

A few things to remember about our On-Boarding system:

  • Departments and divisions should be selecting current team members to serve as Peer Mentors.  These Peer Mentors will assist supervisors and managers in the on-boarding of new team members.  See the section below on Peer Mentors and the online training we have for them.
  • We have created "First Week On-Boarding Modules" to help give you an agenda to follow that will ensure a welcoming and informative first week for our new team members.  Please keep in mind, however, that onboarding goes beyond just the first week of employment.
  • While these modules will give you a good agenda to follow, you will see that they are designed to still give you the flexibility to make adjustments so that they work efficiently and effectively for you and your team members.
2021 Mentoring

Step 1:  Determine Peer Mentors

As mentioned previously, we'd like to have each team member assigned a Peer Mentor.  The role of the Peer Mentor is to assist the supervisor/manager in welcoming the new team member and providing them with the needed knowledge and resources to help them become successful.

  1. Before selecting a Peer Mentor please refer to the "On-Boarding Peer Mentor Roles and Responsibilities"
  2. Once you have selected a Peer Mentor.  Please have them view this short Peer Mentor Training Video

Step 2:  Plan the New Team Members First Week

The first week of any new team member is a crucial time frame.  Most new employees decide in the first day or two whether or not they will stay with an organization.  We want our new team members to feel welcomed, to feel they understand our organization's culture and their purpose here, and to also obtain the necessary knowledge and resources to be productive and successful.  Sounds like a lot, right?  No worries.. we've created some resources to help you plan out their first week:

  1. First Week On-Boarding Modules:  These agendas were actually created by our Leadership Development Program class of 2021 after interviewing over a hundred new team members to find out about their first week experience here in the County.  You will see they give you a great outline to follow for the new team member's first week, and even have options to customize it based on whether your new team member is in more of an "office setting" or a "field setting".
  2. New Hire On-Boarding Checklist:  Online form to be completed/submitted within the first week of employee's start date to Human Resources or print and forward the completed form to Human Resources .

Step 3:  Continued Support & Assistance

As previously mentioned, a new team member's on-boarding doesn't just end after the first week.  Both Supervisors and Peer Mentors should check-in and communicate regularly with the new team member over the first 6 months of their employment.  Continuing to assist with answering questions, introducing resources, and reinforcing our organization's culture.