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Did you know that there are 8 types of wastes in almost all daily operations. Efforts focused on eliminating these wastes improve effectiveness and efficiency of our work, which in turn improves customer service. You can remember them by acronym DOWNTIME. To learn more try taking these PascoU classes: Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Process Mapping or Sterling 101. 

Building Construction Services Idea Committee successfully launched the idea to use WebEx Teams to enhance communication between Team Members in the office and out in the field. We encourage all Team Members to use WebEx Teams tool for internal communication. You can use the tool when you want to send your coworker or team of users an instant message, and you can even use it to initiate a WebEx call. This messaging system can conveniently replace emails when you need quick response. 

Strategic Planning Process Pasco County is currently in the process of updating its 4-year Strategic Plan. The Assistant County Administrators (ACAs) have taken ownership of the four strategic objectives and appointed cross-functional Goal Teams that will oversee execution of the strategies. The Goal Teams have been assigned their first task: to update the strategies and identify appropriate performance measures by March 2021. The current Strategic Plan 2018-2021 is available here. 

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