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Public Site
Image Sizes

• Homepage 2015 x 690 px
​• Interior page 2015 x 240 px
• Round graphic buttons under photo 68 x 68 px
​• Left side graphic buttons 41 x 40 px
​• Pasco County Spotlight 254 x 231 px

Image resolution
​• Sitewide 72 dpi or higher

Font Family
​• Global Navigation, Page Titles, 1st line of graphic buttons, Headlines and Subheads – Lato
​• Body Text, sub navigation and 2nd line of graphic buttons - Raleway

Team Pasco
Image Sizes

​• Homepage 
​      Photo next to the graphic buttons 1020 x 666 px 
​      Photo behind video and calendar – this image is built into the design  2016 x 644. 
​      Slideshow next to News 648 x 608 px 
​      Video next to Calendar – set width of the video to 1005 and height to 299 
​      Photo graphic buttons 332 x 332 px
​• Interior Page 2016 x 237 px

Font Family
​• Global Navigation, 1st line on graphic buttons, Page Titles, homepage video body text, and Subheads – Lato
​• Body Text, sub navigation, 2nd line on graphic buttons, Calendar headline, News Headline, Homepage video headline Raleway ​

Site Color Palette
Color Palette - Public Site (PDF)
Color Palette - Employee Site (PDF)


People & Activities - ​Parks (if possible, parks that are not void of activity or people) ​Landscapes & Cityscapes, ​Culture & Art, Nature & Animals


Good images have an area of interest, include simple shapes, and create an impression or elicit emotion.
​Provide images that can be used during any time of the year. For instance, do not provide holiday imagery, businesses, churches, etc if you do not want them displayed on the homepage.